Friends' COVID-19 Procedures

If you are sick, do not come to your appointment. Call the office and we will reschedule with you.

If you have an in-person appointment, please advise that our current policy is mask or vaccination.

Non-vaccinated visitors will be asked to wear a mask. A mask is not required if you are fully vaccinated.

Friends has implemented new policies to ensure staff and client safety remain our top priority. New policies include:

  • Non-vaccinated staff members are required to complete a health check daily before entering the office

  • Some staff members are now working from home

  • Non-vaccinated staff members are required to wear masks while working inside the office or when meeting with clients

  • At the end of every work day a staff member sanitizes the office with FDA approved cleaning products

Ask your counselor about online or tele-services.

Many of our services can be provided over the phone.