Our Certified Housing Counselors are top-notch and always here to help! Confidentiality, patience, and the determination to help our clients is the driving force behind Friends of the North Country's mission. Buying a home is usually a person's proudest and largest purchase, so when it comes to budgeting or obtaining a loan modification, you don't have to go it alone- call or e-mail one of our professionals today!

Melissa Furnia

Deputy Director

Certified Housing Counselor


E-Mail: MFurnia@FriendsoftheNorthCountry.org

Phone: (518) 293-5045 Ext. 134

Elizabeth Jent

Housing Counselor in Training




Phone: (518) 293-5045 Ext. 136

Christina Piercy

Certified Housing Counselor



CPiercy @FriendsoftheNorthCountry.org

Phone: (518) 293-5045 Ext. 125

If you have a hearing impairment, disability or language barrier, please let us know so we can accommodate your needs.